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Young DSV allowed me to forward my career

What happens when you had your last day as a Young DSV trainee? For 20-year-old Thomas Bishop, finishing the trainee programme meant moving from the UK to Germany to pursue new career opportunities within DSV.

After my final day as a Young DSV trainee, I was permanently employed by the Road division in the UK, focusing on road transport to and from the UK and Benelux. I had already been within this department for my two "Young DSV years". Now being a certified freight forwarder I wanted to challenge myself and work in another DSV country.

First thing I did, was to talk with my manager about my wish to move to another DSV country, and he fully supported my dream. Then I contacted HR to hear if there were any open positions. And there was - in the Road department in Hamburg, Germany. I had never been to Germany, but I applied for the position anyway. After going through the recruitment process I got the job!

As I had never been to Germany, I did not know what to expect. I was happy to find out that most Germans speak English, and that everyone is very friendly. And Hamburg is a really cool city. Taking a chance and going abroad really was really the best decision for me.

Valuable knowledge about the industry

I truly believe the extensive knowledge about the industry, freight forwarding and DSV I gained during my training was instrumental for me getting the job in Hamburg.

In Hamburg my job involves planning of our trucks between Benelux, Austria and Italy and between Germany and France. It is a high intensity role and it gives me interesting new challenges every day. I really enjoy it!

I can only recommend Young DSV for people who wants to work in transport and logistics. You not only get valuable knowledge about freight forwarding, but also about sales, insurance and the other DSV divisions like Air & Sea and Solutions. Finally, it allowed me to start a career where I can work anywhere in the world and progress within the company, while I develop my skills and expertise.

I hope to stay in DSV for a long time, and hopefully advance to a management position one day.